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So you’ve bought the book “When the scientist presents“, and that is how you have found this website. Congratulations. You started the voyage through the wonderland of scientific presentations. I am a fellow traveller logging my discoveries and musings. Krishna Misra, reviewed the book for the International Journal of Performability Engineering. You will find the review here.

I am also indebted to Roald Hoffman, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for endorsing the book. Professor Hoffman is a man of immense culture animated by a rare passion: communicate to make science interesting and relevant to “the rest of us”.  If you ever pass by a bookstore, make sure to order his book “The same, and not the same”, even before you order mine 🙂 And since you are online, why don’t you check out his unassuming website.

This book is also completed by all the scoops I collected over the years. I curate the page on scientific presentations. So I would like to invite you to look at these interesting scoops!

Book cover

The book suggests that you click on a few web addresses… but of course, for that you need to type them in the top bar of your browser. I have made it easier for you. Here they are. When the link is broken, a similar one is given.

Page 44

Page 48

Page 85

Page 100

Page 101

Page 107

Page 108

Page 108

Page 108

Page 115

Page 115

Page 192

Page 193

Page 198

Page 198

PS: the other books I wrote 🙂

the other book I wrote

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  1. Hi there, a customer of ours purchased your book:
    ‘When The Scientist Presents: An Audio and Video Guide to Science Talks’, by Jean-Luc Lebrun: World Scientific, ISBN: 13 978-981-283-920-6.

    We want to know if there is an accompanying DVD? Is there such a product available?
    Kind regards,

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