Presentation tips

Besides the podcasts on iTunes, the Videos on SCIVEE, and the “learning from famous presenters” series, this blog contains general tips quite useful for scientific presentations. They are listed here in point form.

On the role and merit of a subtitle in a presentation

On the best book to buy to learn about scientific presentations 🙂

On addressing you when your name is difficult to pronounce

On pre-empting difficult questions prior to the Q&A

On selecting the best candidate to take questions from during the Q&A

On checking that each slide ties in with the title of your presentation

On attention spans and rules of thumb

On keeping up to date with the latest developments in presentation skills

On managing time by creating invisible time-saving shortcuts (hyperlinks)

On the good use of animations in a presentation

On the need to be in good terms with your audience

On the need for nitpickers to debug our slides

On avoiding discontinuities in your presentation

On promoting your science

On the Less-is-More principle

On the design of any main story slide

On the validity of so-called “rules of thumb”

On how to rehearse a slide

On how to demonstrate scientific expertise

On the placement and function of acknowledgments in a presentation

On being noticed by the audience and keeping the computer in the background

On the incredible value of the smile

On the legal issues of using in your slides images that belong to others

On a probing technique that shows the audience is responsive

On fool proofing your presentation against all odds

On the audience’s first impression of you

On Chinese proverbs applied to scientific presentations

On the first moves to make to thaw the audience

On fear and anxiety and how it impacts your performance (part 1)

On fear and anxiety and how it impacts your performance (part 2)

On keeping to time and what happens when you don’t

On how to keep what you say and what they see in total sync



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